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QA Automation

Automation testing is an excellent way to ensure that new product versions do not break functionality or introduce new bugs.

Compared to manual testing, QA automation offers several advantages like cost cutting, radically scale back time to promote, optimize development workflows, and dramatically improve end-product quality.

Leverage Our Automation Testing Services to Reap the Advantages

Faster Time to Market

Automated tests are quicker than a gaggle of manual test engineers. Testscan even run in parallel, therefore multiple devices, platforms, or browsers can simultaneously undergo automation testing.

Increased Cost Savings

New code will break things, therefore periodic regression testing is mandatory. To guarantee quality, automated tests will run repeatedly as needed — while not having to spend on manual testing over and over.

Rule Out Human Error

A person working onprolonged or repetitive testing may accidentally skip a step or forget to document a mistake. Automation testing improves quality by running your tests in a steady manner.

Why Choose Us for QA Automation

Skilled QA experts

Lorhan’s QA automation professionals have an average of 10 years’ experience each, with 50+ successfully completed automation projects under the belt.

Deep tech knowledge

Our team constantly stays on top of the latest developments within the field to make sure you get the latest and greatest in automation testing.

Innovative know-hows

Capitalize on our Test Automation Framework that ensures broader test coverage, improved robustness, and better results visibility.

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