Artificial Intelligence -

Artificial Intelligence

(Based on BOTs) Microsoft/Java platform-basedcloud enabled custom framework portable to integrate with any messaging platform like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Web Chat, Google Suite, MS-Kaizala, Google Assistance Voice Bot. This enables airline with Flight Itinerary, Boarding Pass, Check-In, Reminders, Alert notifications, Helpdesk application.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in business is apace turning into a commonly used competitive tool.

Companies are past debating the pros and cons of AI. From better chatbots for customer service to data analytics to making predictive recommendations, deep learning and artificial intelligence in their many forms are seen by business leaders as an essential tool.

That puts AI in the short-list of technologies that your company should not just be watching but actively exploring how to take advantage of. It joins leading emerging technologies like Machine Learning, cloud computing and Big Data. If you aren’t convinced that AI is ready to handle a growing number and range of tasks, consider IBM’s Watson’s 2011 winning performance on Jeopardy. Or consider the various ways you are likely already using AI-enabled devices and services in your personal life, like smart assistant apps or devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Not to mention other AI-supercharged apps, such as whatever GPS app you use while driving.

The Technologies we support: AI One, AWS Rekognition, AWS Lex, AWS Plolly and Deep Learning.

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