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IT Solutions

Top Notch IT solutions paving way towards Global Digitalisation.

Web Applications

Lorhan Corp permits better regulation and prominence into your web development project – by strategically coalescing mature project development methodologies with strong project management tools and domain proficiency to deliver end-to-end web development solutions.

We draw from our excellence in web design and development to help you implement integrated systems and processes.

  • Development and maintenance of e-commerce applications and websites
  • Enterprise web applications development
  • Enterprise B2B Portal development
  • Responsive website development and design
  • Content management solutions and customer relationship management systems
  • Cross-platform development


Technologies we support: Core Java, Microservices, Spring Boot, Spring, Hibernate, REST & SOAP, Middleware Technologies, Angular JS, React JS, Node Js, PostgreSQL and Mongo DB


Mobile Applications

Lorhan Corporation covers the entire app development cycle, no matter how diverse or complex your needs are. Our ability to satisfy your needs stem from our team of experts, who have abundant experience in global app solution services and product engineering industries.

We know what will flip a raw app plan into a flourishing app.

iPhone App Development
We know what it requires to make a perfect iPhone application as we have already developed over 1000 iPhone apps of different categories. We know what can turn a raw app idea into a successful app.

Android App Development
Using latest technology and industry experience, our full-stack Android developers develop successful Android apps.

Mobile Web Development
We have an experienced mobile web development team, who is dedicated to delivering engaging mobile sites and apps with a user-friendly experience.

Cross-platform Mobile Apps
Here, we have expertise in creating multi-platform mobile app solutions for both Android and iOS devices. We make apps that run smoothly on multiple platforms.

The Technologies we support: Native IOS (Swift), Native Android (Android Studio), Hybrid (Phone Gap, Ionic and React Native)


We drive Frictionless Application Development and Automated Operations with DevOps.

Lorhan helps customer do DevOps maturity assessment and propose appropriate industry standard tools. These tools help agile DevOps teams to govern, test, and monitor software, while achieving an amazing user experience.Solution provides any business IT organization a platform to deliver on the IT transformation that has been promised for long to business. This is a collaborative approach which engages people and enables them to establish interaction of processes and integration of tools. The platform enables organization to deliver on the promise of agile by easing any limitations that might exist due to practices that have been followed by the operation organization.

Technologies we support: Jenkins, Maven, Kibana, Docker, Kuberenetes, Confluence, SonarQube, Fortify Scans, JIRA


QA Automation

Automation testing is an excellent way to ensure that new product versions do not break functionality or introduce new bugs.

Compared to manual testing, QA automation offers several advantages like cost cutting, radically scale back time to promote, optimize development workflows, and dramatically improve end-product quality.

Leverage Our Automation Testing Services to Reap the Advantages

Faster Time to Market

Automated tests are quicker than a gaggle of manual test engineers. Testscan even run in parallel, therefore multiple devices, platforms, or browsers can simultaneously undergo automation testing.

Increased Cost Savings

New code will break things, therefore periodic regression testing is mandatory. To guarantee quality, automated tests will run repeatedly as needed — while not having to spend on manual testing over and over.

Rule Out Human Error

A person working onprolonged or repetitive testing may accidentally skip a step or forget to document a mistake. Automation testing improves quality by running your tests in a steady manner.

Why Choose Us for QA Automation

Skilled QA experts

Lorhan’s QA automation professionals have an average of 10 years’ experience each, with 50+ successfully completed automation projects under the belt.

Deep tech knowledge

Our team constantly stays on top of the latest developments within the field to make sure you get the latest and greatest in automation testing.

Innovative know-hows

Capitalize on our Test Automation Framework that ensures broader test coverage, improved robustness, and better results visibility.

SAP Solutions

Tailored software for your need, SAP has a comprehensive solution for large, midsize, and small business.

SAP brings about robust Front, Mid and Back office.

Lorhan provides enterprises with end-to-end consulting, implementation and support services. Our strategy is aligned to the digital needs of our customers, help them through scaling S/4HANA Solution across industry solutions and adoption of SAP FIORI. Lorhan with an experience of over 200+ implementations in SAP ERP implementations becomes an apparent choice when it comes to delivering quick and quality solutions. With a strong practice team of over 18 years of experience in implementations, having rich domain expertise and in-depth understanding of the Industry solutions.

Technologies we support: SAP S4HANA, Finance, Controlling, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, Quality Management, Plant Maintenance, Project Systems, Human Capital Management all modules, BPC, Warehouse Management, HANA ABAP, HANA BASIS, FIORI



Lorhan Corporation serves businesses around the world, enabling them to simplify management of IT resources while minimizing cost and improving flexibility.

Setup Cloud: Establish a robust private cloud solution which is not only highly available, but also highly flexible and elastic to cater to unpredictable demands and inorganic growth, is a key to its successful implementation.Migration to Cloud: Neutralize migration complexities through our sophisticated migration tools and methodologies. Our migration experts bring non-disruptive, zero rollback migration capabilities while using industry leading migration tools.

Move to SaaS/COTS products
Best suited if the business process addressed by the existing application can be easily migrated to industry known SaaS/COTS products

Migrate (Lift and Shift)
This approach is best suited for applications where redesign is not a priority. Through lift and shift organization can realize quick cost savings.

Modernize (Leverage Containers & PaaS services)
Best suited where some level of code change is acceptable, or applications are already hosted on cloud and PaaS services are to be leveraged.

Modernize (Cloud Native Apps)
Best suited when the existing application has lot of challenges in terms of performance, scalability, maintainability etc.

Technologies we support: AWS EC2, S3, Aurora, DynamoDB, RDS, Lambda, VPC & LightSail.

Emerging Tech solutions

In order to thrive in today’s dynamic digital economy, modern enterprises need to embed digital into the core of their core activities.

This includes a wide range of things: From remodeling business, digitizing essential processes, integrating technology to core and presenting the brand via digital channels. Modern and emerging technologies – like wearables, mobile, IoT, augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, and AI have much to promise, but only a business is willing to embrace them.

Technologies we support: IOT, RPA, Virtual reality and ML


Artificial Intelligence

(Based on BOTs) Microsoft/Java platform-basedcloud enabled custom framework portable to integrate with any messaging platform like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Web Chat, Google Suite, MS-Kaizala, Google Assistance Voice Bot. This enables airline with Flight Itinerary, Boarding Pass, Check-In, Reminders, Alert notifications, Helpdesk application.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in business is apace turning into a commonly used competitive tool.

Companies are past debating the pros and cons of AI. From better chatbots for customer service to data analytics to making predictive recommendations, deep learning and artificial intelligence in their many forms are seen by business leaders as an essential tool.

That puts AI in the short-list of technologies that your company should not just be watching but actively exploring how to take advantage of. It joins leading emerging technologies like Machine Learning, cloud computing and Big Data. If you aren’t convinced that AI is ready to handle a growing number and range of tasks, consider IBM’s Watson’s 2011 winning performance on Jeopardy. Or consider the various ways you are likely already using AI-enabled devices and services in your personal life, like smart assistant apps or devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Not to mention other AI-supercharged apps, such as whatever GPS app you use while driving.

The Technologies we support: AI One, AWS Rekognition, AWS Lex, AWS Plolly and Deep Learning.

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