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Why Your Organization Needs Data Protection as a Service

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  • 10 Jun 21

Every business needs to stay up to date with the trends and innovations in their respective industry. They need to work adequately to meet the world of advancements in technologies and processes. Cloud services have become the most prominent one, and companies are looking forward to improving their hosted services that deliver better advantages like management, scalability, and recovery options. To address their customer’s issues, most cloud storage and data security businesses are switching to ‘Data protection as a service model.

Data Protection as a Service

The Data Protection as a Service, known as the DPaaS, is a web-based or cloud-based delivery service that allows organizations to protect the data assets and enables the security and recovery options through the multiple features in the membership type of model.

The DPaaS is playing a core function role in businesses today. The organization utilizes information from multiple structures. The protection of valuable data is the primary concern in any business. We cannot say that all organizations can handle investing in a skillful or resourceful IT team. Thus the DPaaS targets both technically as well as financially. This leads to an increase in the number of cloud migrations from the traditional databases and the services that open the way to cybersecurity threats.

DPaaS Services

The DPaaS mainly covers the three critical services in general

Backup-as-a-service (BaaS)

Companies generally offer the above service in the form of business software. It helps while understanding the uploads of crucial or confidential information through the internet. This facility gives access to the organizations to retrieve the data more effectively and securely.

Diaster-Recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS)

It is the most crucial part of critical IT services. The DRaaS gives access to the organizations to move their systems and applications in the cloud. If there is an emergency, the service can help in enabling the data restoration at the pre-crisis state.

Storage-as-a-servoce (STaaS)

This facility helps in back up to the on-premises data storage systems. It also allows the organizations to retain some physical copies of the data every time.

A resilient DPaaS architecture is critical to provide an integrated solution across storage, networking, processing, and management. It starts with the establishment of a scalable storage layer that protects the data from hardware errors. It also helps in the prevention of data loss from deduplication errors as well as ransomware attacks.


Ensuring the Data Security

Any organization can ensure safety if they can ensure the security of the data. Preparing for the data security measure is essential to ensure the DPaaS in the organizations. Here are some critical steps to ensure the data breach.

Check the safety Mechanics

To enforce the data security measures better, the companies have to review them more frequently, especially while processing ad handling the data. Watching on the vulnerable systems can invade the potential hackers such as the websites, unsecured portals, and the smart devices can make the data security measures in a more effective,

Role-based control

This method can help companies decide who access the type o data based on the job titles in the company.

Antivirus, backup and recovery software, and the firewalls

The above data security methods are used regularly to keep up, and they safeguard the customer’s data. Having regular backups and utilization of the cloud can help identify the vulnerable points that prevent data risks.

DPaaS – A new wave in Data Protection and Security

Businesses are using cloud-based data protection services. The DPaaS is the trending one to embrace data security and protection. The cost-efficiency and disaster recovery are the driving forces behind the increased reliance on the DPaaS.

The DPaaS provides an affordable way to bring the storage, backup, and disaster recovery options to the functionality of the business while maintaining the proper cost efficiency. By providing the services that companies at an affordable standpoint, The DPaaS helps the businesses to step into the future of top tools that supports the success.

DPaaS will become even more accessible as the innovation precedes. It will provide a more efficient and effective way to handle data protection and security as a whole. For the organizations that are looking to maintain their bottom line, this is the best news!

It’s time to consider DPaaS!

If your company lacks some of the services that DPaaS provides, if you want to know more about the services stack, DPaaS offers the best way to be secure. Our team at Lorhan is happy to work with you with this emerging trend in the hosted services, which significantly benefits your company.

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