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Benefits Of Integration Embedded SAP TM and EWM in S/4HANA

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  • 09 Feb 21

With time changes and the dynamic nature of the supply chain, trying to find simplicity to the extensive complexity in the supply chain, along with the increase in an overall efficiency of that chain is the most important goal for the customers.

SAP TM- SAP Transport Management is a one of its kind solution which helps the logistic companies have smoother operational processes while adding strength to their order management environment. The movement of goods is orchestrated with minimum issues and maximum efficiency. This is a cost reduction application, which helps transport companies achieve economies of scale. SAP TM- enhances the architectural design of the transport solutions already in place in an industry, while helping in the planning of all order types.

SAP EWM- SAP Extended Warehouse Management is an application that helps in the management of the inventory of the warehouses and brings a backbone to facilitate the movement of the goods. This helps the company have far greater control in the movement and entry-exit of goods from the warehouse. Not only does it provide this assistance, but it also helps in monitoring all warehouse functions and activities. Supportive warehousing tasks like generation of serial numbers, vendor management inventory, batch numbers, and other related activities are undertaken.

Benefits of Integration: Embedded SAP TM and EWM in S/4HANA
The benefits of a shrinking world in terms of globalization can be exploited well when the warehousing and distribution operations are strengthened and made efficient by controlled and centralized applications. For midsize operations, the cost of such applications tend to be prohibitive,therefore,there is a derived benefit for the SAP TM and EWM in S/4HANA.

This integration is not only cost effective but also offers businesses a variety of opportunities to manage and optimally enhance operations along with increasing their productivity.

1) Simplifies the IT Landscape-
DevOps offers a complete and centralized view of the project status at different stages. There’s continuous monitoring and immediate recovery in case of any error. Automation lessens the human interventions, which reduces the risk of errors drastically, quickening the pace of your organization’s digital transformation.

2) Makes the Integration of the processes seamless
Across the planning and execution processes, along with the next step of product development, to that being warehoused, having a quality and control check, to transportation, the TM and EWM embedded with S/4HANA, helps create a streamlined and clear integration of these diversified processes.

3) Accelerates the speed of solution implementation
Courtesy of the small database and hardware needed for the process, it also removes the duplicates in ERP customer, vendor, material, and other data, therefore doing away with the time taking core interface (CIF). The synchronous master data helps system implementation.

4) Real-time monitoring of operations
SAP EWM embedded with S/4 HANA helps the internal analytical engine of S/4 HANA to perform better and get more in-depth and detailed analytics of real-time warehouse operations, along with live transactional data. It also helps pre-configured reports along with providing a live dashboard for users and their varied responsibilities.

5) Reduces the redundancy in data
The presence of all warehousing and operational data in the S/4 HANA database then need not be duplicated and therefore there is no surplus data that needs to be stored or processed. This helps in lowering the storage cost, load on networks, and need for spending valuable resources.

Having said everything, in simpler terms SAP TM and EWM embedded in S/4 HANA improves overall efficiency along with increasing the speed of the supply chain.  

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